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Barcelona’s Twitter hacked to claim Di Maria signing

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FC Barcelona had eyeballs popping across the Twitterverse for a solid 90 seconds there.

La Liga’s giants Tweeted out a welcome to Angel Di Maria, the current PSG and former Real Madrid star, with the hashtag #DiMariaFCB.

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It was an odd Tweet for 4 a.m. local time, as humourously pointed out by our Andy Edwards, and the hackers were quick to claim credit before any Tweets could be deleted.

So if someone tells you Angel Di Maria is the latest member of Barcelona, be sure to stop the spread of fake news.

On a day where Barca’s reportedly ready to up their bid for Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, something tells us someone at the Camp Nou is turning over their keys to the club’s social media.

NASL side to broadcast all its matches on Twitter
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It’s fair to expect the San Francisco Deltas to be trendsetters in tech given their location and pedigree, and the first-year NASL club is doing just that.

The Deltas announced Wednesday that all of their home matches will be broadcast live on Twitter — in English, Spanish, and Portuguese — making them the first North American pro club to broadcast all of their matches on social media.

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Twitter senior executive Josh McFarland had previously named as one of the investors in the Deltas, which makes the announcement even more natural. Other investors include tech execs from around the Silicon Valley.

Twitter reacts to EURO-ending injury to Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s EURO 2016 Final lasted less than a half hour, and left the world reacting to his injury (as well as that moth!).

The injury came in the opening 10 minutes when France’s Dimitri Payet surprised Ronaldo with a tackle. The Portugal captain went down and clutched his knee, briefly leaving the field twice before finally exiting in the 25th.

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Writers, athletes, and others reacted with disappointment to the injury.

Social media, maybe Messi himself, searching for this young fan from social media

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On the surface, the task seems impossible.

Find a young boy pictured on Twitter with an improvised Argentina Lionel Messi jersey, a photo that only shows the youngster from behind.

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His only identifying characteristics are dark hair and a stylized haircut.

Still seeing a Tweet from @Messi10stats of the above photo, Messi’s team reportedly responded.


Photos of the post surfaced on Turkish blogs and websites a week ago.

Some social media posts claim the photo was taken in Iraq, however, it’s unclear when and where the original photo was taken.

People are trying to help find this child so they can get a real Messi shirt to him.

Again, we’d say this borders on impossible, but it is 2016 and a world is searching for the little guy. Perhaps he’ll get that Messi shirt after all.

Hours after signing, Barcelona player loses contract due to Twitter


Anti-Catalan and pro-Real Madrid comments on Twitter have cost a young player his contract at Barcelona B, just hours after signing with the Spanish champions.

Sergi Guardiola, 24 years old and no relation to ex-Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola, had earned a deal to play for Barca’s reserves on Monday, only to see his contract torn up.

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We’re betting that “checking Twitter” has been added to Barca’s pre-contract character checks, though Guardiola claims those 2013 Tweets were not his doing and that joining the club was a dream.

From The Daily Mail:

‘I want to make clear I didn’t write those tweets. A friend took my phone and did it.

‘It’s a misunderstanding. The tweets are from 2013, a joke from a friend, I didn’t even know the tweets existed.

‘I’m from Mallorca. I’m not anti-Catalan or anti-anything. I couldn’t write those tweets.’

Once this reaches Florentino Perez, we’re imagining ol’ Sergi is going to get a call about Real Madrid’s B-side.

That said, social media is a minefield, and Guardiola’s “friend” might just own him a living. The midfielder had just four second-tier matches to his name after a career in the lower levels of Spanish football.