MLS Rookie of the Year C.J. Sapong gets new deal

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Score a goal, get a contract.

Or so it seems.

Today’s comes the news that Sporting Kansas City striker C.J. Sapong has signed a new deal. Details from the club are here. Sapong, last year’s MLS Rookie  of the Year, nailed the late game-winner in last week’s 1-0 win over D.C. United. SKC teammate Teal Bunbury was once the young flavor of the moment around Livestrong Sporting Park; if he’s not careful, Sapong is going to lap him.

I just talked to Sporting Kansas City vice president of communications Rob Thomson. Club policy is never to release contract details,  so I couldn’t uncover how long the new deal lasts.  I do know, however, that SKC has typically worked around four-year deal frameworks. So, it would hardly be a shocker if that’s the case here.

And I also know that Sporting CEO Robb Heineman hinted via Twitter (@RobbHeineman) recently that more contract news could be forthcoming from Livestrong Sporting Park.

(And thank you, SKC media liaisons, for not saying Sapong “inked” a new deal. I get a rash in a bad place every time I see that particularly gruesome cliché.)