Jason Kreis: Supporters Shield has “lost all appeal”


The MLS East is a pretty little pony this year, while the West is a majestic and muscular stallion. Or so it seems.  Western Conference teams are a well-documented 9-2 against the East so far.

But there’s more at work here than conference flag waving and media talking points. The imbalance of relative conference strength, married with the newly unbalanced schedule, will affect competition and title chases.

Now one prominent manager has spoken out about it: Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis says the Supporters Shield has lost all value in his mind.

Kreis said so last week on Extra Time Radio. (Sorry … I’m peddling fast to keep up with all matters of domestic soccer, and I just heard his comments last night, catching up on some podcasts from Major League Soccer’s official website.)

Here’s what Kreis told the fellows at Extra Time Radio:

To be very honest, it has lost all appeal to me.

“It was something last year that I was all gung-ho for, something I had not done before and something I really wanted to tuck into my belt and say that I had accomplished. But to be frank, I think it doesn’t make any sense now. When you have an unbalanced schedule and are playing opposing teams an unbalanced number of times, a different number of times home and away, it doesn’t make any sense. And I think it’s something the league needs to review and needs to get rid of.”

The entire interview can be found here at the Extra Time page.

Kreis said he hasn’t shared his discontent around the locker room, preferring players focus on the match in front of them and not much else.