Commotion and kerfuffle factor still high for Philadelphia Union


Is it possible that Peter Nowak’s Philadelphia Union could replace the Red Bulls as the designated drama depot of Major League Soccer’s beleaguered Eastern Conference?

Because, if that’s the case, I’m going to have to develop a whole new cluster of clever, relevant metaphor. See, I generally turn to Red Bull Arena for my fix of domestic soccer drama. It’s all so very “Jersey Shore.”

And yet, PPL Park sure has its share of commotion and kerfuffle these days. Things could finally be trending in a better direction; it seems that Nowak and Califf have apparently made up. Nowak still isn’t saying whether the Union captain will be back on the field this week, following last week’s surprise benching. So stay tuned.

You do have to wonder whether Sheanon Williams’ removal from availability will further impact Nowak’s back line choices.

That one, by the way, apparently caught Nowak and the Union off guard. And the boss doesn’t sound too happy about it.