Lunchtime distraction: the weekend’s big saves


Our new Monday “meh” list included the overworked phrase, “Brilliant save!”

Only some aren’t really so brilliant. For instance, a man who does little more than throw his gloves in front of his face to keep from being waylaid isn’t being “brilliant” so much as he’s exercising primitive instincts in human preservation.

The real problem with this misplaced hyperbole is the reduced effect on saves that really are something special.

So take a moment to enjoy perhaps the best two from the MLS weekend.

First up is FC Dallas’ Kevin Hartman, who has something of a reputation as a penalty kick killer. He guessed correctly and then stretched beautifully on Kei Kamara’s spot shot Sunday.



Not bad eh? Still, Vancouver’s Joe Cannon will have a little something to say about “top save.” Watch as he reacts, twists and still manages to get his right hand in just the right spot to deny D.C. United DP Hamdi Salihi his first MLS strike.