Lunchtime distraction: Chris Coleman talks Clint Dempsey


Anybody with half a brain about football could see that he was going to be a good player. The doubts were, being from MLS at the time, jumping straight into the Premier League was a big jump. But it took him maybe half a season, maybe a season, but after that the rest is history.”

Those are the words of Chris Coleman, who recently took the managerial reigns at Wales following Gary Speed’s untimely passing. Coleman was speaking of U.S. international Clint Dempsey.

Coleman knows Dempsey well, having brought the Texan to Craven Cottage back in 2007. The $4 million transfer looks like a grand bargain now, considering everything Dempsey has accomplished, not to mention whatever profit the Cottagers will reap should Dempsey leave this summer.

So what does Coleman think about Dempsey in this anxious year of “should he, or shouldn’t he?” around Craven Cottage.

See for yourself in this interview with Kick’s Jimmy Conrad.