The Red Bulls just made history (a little bit, but history nonetheless)


Just a quick addendum to the Red Bulls post from earlier today, where I said Thierry Henry already has one hand on the 2012 MLS Most Valuable Player trophy.

OK, maybe only a couple of fingers. But he’s clearly in the pole position.

Due in no small part to his fantastic, ongoing contributions, his Red Bulls just did something historic.

Hans Backe’s side has won three consecutive matches by three goals. I wondered if that had been done before (three in a row won by three or more). Surely it has, right? Over 17 seasons?


Not according to Peter Hirdt at the Elias Sports Bureau – and no one has a bigger statistical brain than the boys at Elias. The historic run-down:

  • March 25, 4-1 win over Colorado
  • March 31, 5-2 win over Montreal
  • April 7, 4-1 win at Columbus

The caveats here: Colorado had some injury issues and finished that one with 10 men. Montreal is an expansion team. And Columbus? Well, the Crew played like pooh.

And you know what? None of that matters. Because the Red Bulls did exactly as they should have, systematically taking apart sides that, if we’re being honest, deserved to be taken apart on those days.

Hans Backe’s team didn’t just get by; they opened a can on these weak beasts and did their business with merciless professionalism.