Tim Ream: “international-caliber players at every position”


Go all the way to England for a Q&A and you deserve to get your money’s worth. So I don’t blame the boys at U.S. Soccer for going a little lengthy with these things.

On the other hand, we’re all busy. You’re making progress on that internet startup idea and all, right?

So you can digest that entire Q&A with Bolton and U.S. national team defender Tim Ream here. Or, you can review the 155 words below from Ream, a.k.a. the high points.

On where his game needed to go in order not be run over by the Premiership express:

“Physically, I’ve had to step that up another notch and continue to improve upon that because that’s what got me last year was not being physical enough. That’s something that I’ve learned and something that I continue to have to work on.”

On coping with the English Premier League’s outrageous depth of quality:

“… you’re playing teams that have international-caliber players at every position, and so you start to understand and start to be able to read the game quicker and read the game a step or two ahead. It just helps in the all-around scheme of things.”

On teammate Stuart Holden, who has just returned to Bolton after rehabbing for three months in the United States:

“He really wanted to be back and at least contribute a little bit with maybe two or three games to go. But I think he understands that it will probably be better for him in the long run if he takes all the time off that he needs and comes back even stronger than when he was. That’s probably a better situation for him and for the club.”