So this game was insane – Blackburn vs. Liverpool, English Premier League Highlights


I’m not going to just expose you to this without some kind of buffer. This match was insane:

  • After looking terrible since 2011, Liverpool was up two within 16 minutes, Maxi Rodríguez apparently intent on replicating last spring’s returns. Then,
  • Doni, Liverpool’s second-choice `keeper (Pepe Reina’s suspended) got a red card in the 26th minute, leading to
  • Yakubu mistaking his penalty kick for a chance to play a slow pass to Brad Jones. But,
  • the Yak responded with two goals, including
  • a penalty kick near the hour-mark awarded after Jones
  • temporarily adopted tetherball rules when he could have caught a blocked clearance, then
  • offering to become the second Liverpool `keeper to be dismissed by pushing Yakubu in the box (the offer was declined). Finally
  • Andy Carroll ended the game by heading home the winner, giving 10-man Liverpool three points (and three goals) in a match where
  • Kenny Dalglish didn’t use Luis Suarez or Steven Gerrard.


Also fun, Kenny Dalglish’s post match interview, where he can’t be bothered to pay attention for a full two minutes: