Galaxy pulling things together? Perhaps … but David Beckham sure found the range


Anybody ready to declare the Galaxy “back?”

Not me. One shiny “W” against a wobbly, one-win Portland Timbers side hardly screams “back” in my book. (Especially when the back line steps forward at the wrong time, allowing Kris Boyd to get in along on goalkeeper Josh Saunder’s for an early goal by the visitors.)

On the other hand, Saturday’s 3-1 victory is certainly a starting point. And there were signs that order has been restored in Carson, Calif. David Junior Lopes’ debut at center back unfolded reasonably enough. Robbie Keane was arranging opportunities. Landon Donovan finished the game-winner clinically. And then there was this …

If you haven’t seen David Beckham’s strike to finish off the Timbers, it’s worth hitting “replay” a couple of times.