The best Landon Donovan’s interview you’ll ever see


Former U.S. international Jimmy Conrad, all over new YouTube soccer channel Kick the way cold rain was all over RFK on Sunday, hooked up with Landon Donovan via the inter-web pipes. And Conrad wasn’t holding back.

It’s internet TV, after all. Why not ask Donovan about seeing David Beckham in the shower and “what he’s packing?”

Tattoo-wise, of course.

Yes, Conrad went to town. And credit Donovan for being a good sport about it.

No easing into things, either. The haymakers went flying at opening bell as Conrad asked, essentially, “What in the world happened to your Galaxy?”

If I’ve learned anything, especially over the last three years, is that it’s a very long season. We’ll get things right. And eventually we’ll get one of our most important players back, and that’s very important.”

Soon, it was onto whether he enjoyed creating a rain of bitterness over Wynalda’s house? (Donovan passed as the U.S. national team’s all-time leading scorer):

It’s always nice to score. And it’s always nice to eclipse people in that way. The reality is, we want people to keep breaking records, because that means American soccer is getting better and better. So hopefully one day someone comes along and beats that, and hopefully that’s soon, because that’s better for us.”

Other good stuff:

  • “I don’t think there’s any doubt that the season Clint [Dempsey] has put together is the best season an American has ever put together, anywhere.”
  • Donovan wonders what further level Dempsey may already have achieved if not for that little three-year hitch in college soccer?
  • He will leave the big-mouth bass fishing to Dempsey (which sounds like a really solid plan).
  • Dog scene? Donovan has three “mutts” and a Boston Terrier.
  • The new U.S. barber pole jersey is growing on him. (“Barber pole” is my word, not his.)
  • He has tons of respect for U.S. women’s national team Sydney Leroux.

Check it out – 9 solid minutes of Donovan out in the open.