As it happened: Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich


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Score: Real Madrid 2 (3) [Ronaldo 6′, 14′], Bayern Munich 1 (3) [Robben 27′]

Bayern wins penalty kick shootout, 3-1.

[SHOOTOUT] – For the second time in his coaching career, José Mourinho walks away after his team loses a Champions League semifinal on penalty kicks. Bayern, however, moves into the final, one they’ll host in just over three weeks.

[SHOOTOUT] – Bastian Schweinsteiger can win it. Casillas has saved the last two. He’s just staring at the ball. It won’t ever get bigger than this for him. He runs his and goes high and to the middle. Casillas jumps right, and Bayern are through to the final!

[SHOOTOUT] – Now Sergio Ramos. He has a chance to even it up. Jose Mourinho is on his knees on the sideline. Ramos runs up .. and he puts it about 10 yards over the bar. That’s one of the worst kicks you will ever see. Advantage back to Bayern.

[SHOOTOUT] – Unbelievable! Philipp Lahm’s turn. He goes left, and Casillas has made up the gap. It’s 2-1 again as Lahm’s shot is saved, and we’re back on serve.

[SHOOTOUT] – Xabi Alonso’s turn. He runs and chips to the middle. Neuer goes right and his no chance. 2-1.

[SHOOTOUT] – Now it’s Toni Kroos. He goes right. Casillas guesses right. It’s still 2-0.

[SHOOTOUT] – Now it’s Kaka. He goes left … and so does Neuer! Saved, and it’s still 2-0, Bayern.

[SHOOTOUT] – Mario Gomez steps up and puts it dead down the middle. Casillas dives right, but it’s 2-0, Bayern

[SHOOTOUT] – Ronaldo steps up for Real. He goes left. So goes Neuer. It’s saved. Advantage Bayern.

[SHOOTOUT] – Bayern shoots first at Casillas. It’s going to be David Alaba. Casillas goes left. Alaba goes left, strong. No stopping that one. 1-0 Bayern.

[SHOOTOUT] – Even though we have two of the five or six best goalkeepers in the world involved, you can’t help but feel this is more crapshoot than shootout.

120′ – Jerome Boateng is down, seemingly cramping. Play doesn’t stop until Philipp Lahm plays it out for a throw. Can’t help but think both teams are resigned to kicks at this point … and with that whistle, they have no choice. Shootout coming.

118′ – Another potentially harsh call, though this one looks right. Marcelo does well to beat Robben to a ball in the right of Real’s area. He brings it all the way to the center circle before playing a ball forward to Higuaín. He’d have nobody between him and goal … if he were onside.

117′ – Clearance by Bayern is immediately put back into their half, but Kaká doesn’t wait long enough to be put back onside … or did he? Might have been a harsh call.

116′ – Nice ball from Kaká on the left find Granero near the spot. he chests it down as Neuer comes, but he’s able to pin the goalkeeper on his back. Instead of making a move, he goes down. The referee blows the whistle … to card Granero. What a waste.

114′ – Ball back with Bayern. Schweinsteiger tries to switch it over to the right flank, but he hits it too hard. Out to Madrid.

114′ – Bayern with the ball in third attacking third. Lahm puts a ball in, which is eventually cleared. A nice touch by Marcelo finds Kaká who again seems too slow with his decisions and loses the ball before he has a chance to even try getting it forward.

112′ – Ball in from the right finds Kaká between central defender. His chest trap puts him far right of goal, and maybe he does well not to shoot, but he doesn’t do anything else, and a nice ball in is wasted as Kaká loses possession.

111′ – Attack down the left sees Kaká earn a corner. No, wait. It’s ruled a goal kick? That’s pretty clearly wrong.

110′ – Granero is coming on. Mesüt Özil, who has been insignificant since Kaká came on, comes off.

110′ – Real looks ready to make another change. Esteban Granero could be coming on.

108′ – Foul given away 40 yards from the line along the left. As everybody backs into the box anticipating some Alonso service, the Real midfielder rolls it short for Ronaldo. He deeks an oncoming defender before getting a shot off from 23 yards. It’s shanked far wide right of goal.

107′ – Real Madrid against starts this 15 minutes the slightly better side. Building down the right sees the ball worked to Kaká, whose mind appears two steps in front of his feet. Bayern tried to clear but a poor touch from Kroos gives away a thrown.

106′ – Long ball for Müller down the left. He’s whistled for a foul as Arbeloa goes to ground.

106′ – Bayern is now moving left-to-right. Is this information even helpful?

106′ – Higuaín is on for Benzema.

105′ – We’re at halftime of extra time. Real Madrid may have looked slightly better during that 15 minutes, but there wasn’t much difference between the sides. If somebody is going to score before kicks, it looks like it will be a mistake – not ingenuity – that creates it.

104′ – A giveaway by Real Madrid in their own half leads to a cross from Lahm. Ramos flicks it out for a corner, which Ramos plays out fo another corner. The next one is headed clear, and a chance for a Real counter is broken up as Benzema is cleared out by Badstuder,  who is deservedly carded. He joins Abala and Gustavo as suspended for the final.

102′ – Luiz Gustavo is going to miss the final. Pressuring Pepe, he takes the defender down. José Mourinho bursts off the bench, protesting the persistent fouls from the Bayern midfielder. The official agrees and books him.

101′ – Cross in from the right, and Casillas comes to claim it before pulling up. Amid the confusion the ball bounces through the area, but nobody’s there from Bayern to take advantage of what seemed to be miscommunication.

99′ – Pepe steps in front of a Müller pass and brings the ball into the attacking half. He plays right to Benzema who plays across fro Ronaldo. Ronaldo appears to create a chance from 17 on his left, but he either hesitates or lost control, because Lahm was able to poke it out.

98′ – Real Madrid’s subs are warming up again. All of them.

97′ – Attack down Bayern’s right goes out for a goal kick. Casillas’s restart is won by Bayern, who are now being given their chance to come into the half. We’re half-way through the first of two 15-minute sessions.

95′ – Ronaldo is taken down about 25 yards from goal as Ribery gets a foot in front of the sprinting attacker. It’s Ribery’s last contribution, as Müller is on. He runs directly into a wall that’s formed in front of a restart 36 yards out on the right flank. The cross is caught by Neuer.

94′ – Thomas Müller looks set to come on but is exchanging some final words with Jupp Heynckes. Pointing to the field “This should have happened a while ago, yeah?”

93′ – Ball cleared out by Bayern after a spell of Madrid possession. Bayern’s yet to meaningfully hold the ball this period.

91′ – Real wins a corner with their first movement. Ozil plays long to Ramos, back to Benzema and then a number of attempts to clear and shoot lead to nothing.

91′ – We’re back live. Real’s moving from left-to-right.

[FULL TIME] – Players come to the center line to loos at something. The official explains. “This is a coin. They used to use this as currency before they invented credit cards …”

[FULL TIME] – Teams are re-taking the field.

[FULL TIME] – Bayern has 56 percent of the possession while outshooting Real 17-12. Shots on goal are even: 7-7.

[FULL TIME] – It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we last had extra time in a semi, but that’s what Rob Stone just told us. He seems trustworthy.

[FULL TIME] – We’re going to extra time tied 3-3 on aggregate. Thirty extra minutes will try to separate two teams that stand even after 180. A number of half-chances in the second but neither team played with the ambition was saw in the first half.

90+2′ – A promising attack for Bayern finally sputters without a treat, and Real nearly break into a counter. Ronaldo plays a long ball, but neither Benzema nor Boateng can get there before it goes out for a throw.

90′ – Two minutes of stoppage time.

89′ – Another foul given up by Bayern, this time with Alaba taking down Ozil. Alonso will swing it in from 35 yards out on the right, but it’s cleared easily by Gustavo. Robben cleans it up, runs at Marcelo, who tackles the ball out. A throw is given to Real, but it appears Marcelo fouled Robben. Robben’s complaints earn him yellow.

88′ – After some fiddling around after a restart, a ball is put into the middle for Kaká, who swings it right for Arbeloa. He’s behind the defense and puts a ball toward the spot. Bayern clears it and Ribéry’s out on a counter. Pepe does a great job to step in front of him before flopping to the ground to draw a foul.

86′ – Chance created through the left sees Alaba find Robben who hits Gomez. He can’t get the ball out, he takes too many touches, and the chance comes to nothing.

84′ – That was strange. The camera angle switched to an overhead look as Real had some time in possession, and as Pepe stood on the ball at the center line, all you saw was Real players standing around. Nobody was making runs to provide options for a man who is not extremely comfortable on the ball. Regardless, it’s unclear Real has anything besides a counter attack on their minds right now.

83′ – Real have Kaká playing in the middle, and he’s dropping very deep to put in the work against a Bayern team that’s slowly pushing real back. Ozil is wide right and a non-factor at this point as Bayern is building most of their attacks down Robben’s flank (with Ribery coming over to get involved).

81′ – Kaká sees his first real test as he’s left alone up top to go at Holger Badstuber. He’s dispossessed, and the Bayern defender manages to play it off Kaká for a goal kick.

80′ – Bayern calmly controls the ball fro a minute before a careless touch from Schweinsteiger gives it away. Off the throw in a slip from Benzema allows Bayern to immediately regain the ball.

77′ – Nice play by Ramos to defuse a potentially dangerous play. Ball finds Robben near the center line. Robben has plenty of room to move toward the middle as he enters the attacking third. He forces Ramos to hold as Gomez makes a run in behind. A ball played to Ramos’s left looks like it will be out of the defender’s reach, but he gets back quickly a stretches to make the interception.

77′ – Bayern has seemed to regain control of things. They’ve had the bulk of possession over the last couple of minutes and seem to be exercising some patience as the match enters its defining moments.

75′ – First change of a match that is 15 minutes from extra time, and Kaká is on for Angel Di Maria.

73′ – For as skilled as he is on the ball, we’re seeing Xabi Alonso play a lot of speculative passess to red shirts when Real Madrid could probably use some more time in possession.

72′ – Quietly, Real Madrid is taking their turn being the more dangerous site, even if that hasn’t translated into any serious chances or an increase in possession.

71′ – Ozil moving with the ball toward the box and he’s absolutely cleared out from the side by Gustavo. He got the ball first? Who cares, He plows through Ozil. Ronaldo has another chance at goal from a couple of yards closer, but it’s way over goal.

70′ – Play built down Real’s left sees Ronaldo play a ball back to Benzema at the edge of the area. Benzema opens his right foot onto a ball that goes over and out. That shot was never going to trouble Neuer.

67′ – Foul given Real, and again it is right on the edge of Ronaldo’s range (about 32-35 yards out). Ronaldo gets it on goal, but it’s right into the arms of Neuer.

66′ – Shots are now 15-8 in favor of Bayern, and Real haven’t given any hint they have an idea of how to start troubling Manuel Neuer.

65′ – Ribery is fouled again, this time by Ribery as the Bayern attacker tries to cut back toward the middle. Bayern has a restart on the left 35 yards from goal, but Gomez can’t get his header on goal.

64′ – Di Maria plays it from the right to Xabi Alonso in the middle. The Real creator plays it with the outside of his right foot over the defense for an oncoming Marcelo, who is incorrectly ruled offside.

63′ – Benzema commits a foul in the center circle, and Real’s attackers are starting to look a little frustrated that their team can’t seem to get anything going in attack, let alone retain any meaningful possession.

62′ – A giveaway entering their final third sees Real somewhat exposed to a counter. A ball played through Gomez to Robben on the right sees him with a lot of room in the right of the area. Marcelo, however, is able to come from an inside position to block the shot.

61′ – Schweinsteiger is caught offside as Bayern builds down their left, but of note are how far up field both had and Alaba have been getting this half.

61′ – Ribery draws a foul from Ozil. Bayern continues to control play.

60′ – Real Madrid have a number of players getting loose.

59′ – A movement that starts with a Xabi Alonso ball deflecting wide left for Ronaldo leads to Real’s dangerman drawing a corner as he nearly beats Lahm along the line. The inswinger from Ozil comes to nothing, but as Bayern tries to break out through Ribery, Alvaro Arbeloa’s forced to bring him down. Professional foul.

57′ – Bayern matriculates the ball back down the field and eventually see Kross play a short ball to Gomez. Instead of turning and shooting, Gomez hesitates, though nothing develops. He puts a weak attempt into the arms of Casillas.

56′ – Perhaps coming into the second half, Real is in a spell of possession that’s seen them draw two fouls from Real Madrid. On the restart Benzema loses Badstuder and forces Neuer into a diving stop from wide right of goal. Bayern’s central defense still seems very vulnerable.

54′ – Our hopes that the measured start was an aberration haven’t held. Now nine minutes into the half, only Bayern’s pressure has provided us was some excitement. Here, Bayern plays a ball toward Gomez at the arc, but Pepe makes a nice read to intercept.

53′ – A rare offside call. A chip from Marcelo on the left tries to hit Benzema in the left of the area, but he’s drifted too far.

51′ – Another potentially bad giveaway sees a ball played back to Sergio Ramos, who has Toni Kroos right in his face. He tried to play a ball for Di María wide right, but it goes out of bounds, turning it over.

50′ – A potentially bad give away deep by Real Madrid is salvaged by Alvaro Arbeloa, with the right back stepping in front of Bastian Schweisteiger as Bayern tried to break down their left. Arbeloa draws a foul.

49′ – Manuel Neuer gets a bit cute. Ball played back to him sees a hard-charging Ronaldo bearing down. He lines up as if to kick, plays to his left, and evades Ronaldo, eventually playing it back to Lahm.

48′ – Ball swung in from Bayern’s right sees Gomez beat Ramos and Pepe and flick it toward the far post, about one-and-a-half ball lengths wide.

47′ – We’re seeing a lost more measured play to start this half than we did at the opening whistle. Hopefully those are famous last words.

46′ – We are back. El Real moving from your imaginary left to your imaginary right.

Halftime: Though the score is even, Real’s in a very dangerous position. The next goal from Bayern gives them the road goals edge, meaning Real would have to outscore them on aggregate (penalty kicks would no longer be an option). Based on what we saw in the first half, Bayern looks to have another goal in them. If this leg ends 3-2 Real Madrid, Bayern goes through.

Halftime: Per UEFA numbers, Mesüt Özil was the most active Real Madrid player, running 5.8 kilometers. Gustavo logged 5.7 km for Bayern

Halftime: Stats: Bayern has had 58 percent of the real possession. They’ve put five shots on target to Real’s two and have a lead in overall shots, 10-7.

Halftime: An amazing half at the Bernabeu has come to an end, and while Real has erased Bayern’s lead, it could have been a lot worse for the Germans. Arjen Robben’s stop kick on 27 minutes pulls Bayern level after two Ronaldo goals threatened to blow this match open. It’s 3-3 on aggregate, and if this score stands, we get 30 extra minutes.

45+1′ –Nice play by Arbeloa tracks Ribery into the area and breaks up play, but Robben, coming into the arc, is taken down. Foul is given, and Robben’s going to have both corners to choose from. Is it too close, though? No, it’s not, because somehow he got it through the wall as Benzema – amazingly! – pulls away from the ball and lets it onto the far post. Casillas works some magic to save it.

43′ – Mesut Ozil, deep on the left, gets around Boateng with his pace and draws a foul. He appears to want a card, but there was more lean from Ozil than pull from Boateng. Alonso restarts and targets Ramos at the far post, but nothing comes of it.

41′ – Game has settled down a bit. Neither side is generating the chances we saw through the first 25 minutes. Teams are a bit cagey this close to halftime, though this is also where you see teams turn off and give up a goal.

38′ – Robben has a chance but fails to force a save by Casillas.

37′ – Di Maria is fouled 34 yards out, giving Ronaldo another chance. His ball is right at Neuer- no problem.

36′ – Yikes. Boateng leaves his feet with both boots out and gives up a corner, but its one of those challenges that would have been very dangerous had Ronaldo made an inexpected move.

34′ – Gomez misses a golden chance. Kross puts him behind the defense for an unmolested chance from 10 yards out. He puts it right at Casillas when he had both sides of goal to choose from. Bayern is on the rebound and comes back in through the left of the box, sending desperate defenders lunging to block a shot Casillas eventually has to punch.

33′ – Speculative cross from Ronaldo for Benzema is touched back into the middle of Bayern’s area by Alaba. Neuer eventually cleared, but that wasn’t the best decision by the young defender.

33′ – Nice tackle from Lahm sees him go to ground but take the ball off Ozil as the Real attacker was streaking for the final third.

32′ – Angel Di Maria is down. I’ll go ahead and keep this on my clipboard.

31′ – Whoa that was close. A ball from the right is settled by Benzema to the left of the area. He goes at Boateng, creates space on his right foot and nearly curls it inside the far post.

30′ – Ozil goes at Schweinsteiger and draws a foul. Real Madrid with a chance right at the edge of Ronaldo’s range, but Real with a quick restart. Ball fired to the far post, but nobody’s marking Pepe, who barely misses a chance to redirect into goal.

28′ – Franck Ribery is down. I’ll go ahead and keep this on my clipboard.

26′ – Penalty against Real Madrid. Gomez squares a ball right for Robben and runs toward the far post. Robben’s cross never finds him as Pepe has run through the striker’s back. Yellow card. Penalty, and Robben gets a chance to even it up. Casillas guesses right but the kick is near-perfect to the left post. We’re all even.

25′ – Real’s pressure has waned. With the one goal lead they’re content to keep the play in front of them until Bayern cuts in toward the arc. This time, Real dispossesses, quickly transitions, with Ronaldo putting a ball through the six. Some confusion leads to a desperation clearance by Neuer.

24′ – Kroos with a ball through the right channel for Gomez, who is followed across the defense by Pepe. Gomez’s cross is headed clear by Ramos. Bayern builds again but has it taken from them as they enter their attacking third.

23′ – Bayern with their fourth long shot of the last 15 minutes. This time Gustavo pulls it wide of Casillas’ other post.

21′ – Mario Gomez, encouragingly aggressive early, takes a shot from 20 yards but pulls it wide of the left post.

20′ – Corner from Bayern creates some nervous moments. Gustavo wins the ball, flicks it far post. Badstuber puts it back across the six but should have tried at goal, as there are three defenders there to deal with it.

20′ – Replay of Ronaldo second goal shows he may have been offside. What side you fall on in the debate probably depends on how much you support either club.

18′ – Bayern possessing, playing down the right, giving us a good view of how they plan to contain Robben against Marcelo. Just like last week, you’re seeing a midfielder drop deep and try to protect against Robben cutting in, onto his strong foot. This time, that midfielder was Xabi Alonso.

16′ – Robben with a weak attempt for the far post is caught by Casillas. The match has been as suspected. It’s been chance after chance, but Real Madrid has converted theirs. Bayern now need a goal to even it up.

14′ – Real Madrid stringing together touches. They build their play down the left with Ronaldo laying off for Marcelo, who brings it back to the middle. Play on the right sees Khedira play it back to the middle, the ball eventually finding Ronaldo with a ton of space between Boateng (pulled out of position by Benzema) and Lahm (on vacation, apparently). Easy chance, easy finish, and Ronaldo scores. It’s 2-0.

13′ – Bayern has controlled play since the goal and again is setting up in Real’s end. Play built down the left nearly creates a corner, but Alvaro Arbeloa saves it, clears it, and Real is coming out of their half.

12′ – Bayern with another great chance, as Gomez’s shot from 20 yards is spilled in front of goal by Casillas. Ribery is there, but so is Casillas, who deflects the ball into touch. Corner kick and some uncharacteristic carelessness from Casillas.

11′ – Robben breaks out of the Bayern’s end and has a chance to run at Marcelo. a nice sliding challenge from the Real defender sees Robben stay on the ground, but no whistle blows.

10′ – Bayern with their first sustained spell on the ball sees them win a throw down the right, put it back into play and work it to the left only for Alaba to put the ball into the stands from 28 yards.

9′ – Replays of Bayern’s missed goal show Marcelo trailing Robben by a good 10 yards despite the play building down the opposite flank. Alves-ian positioning.

8′ – What a miss from Robben. Alaba does a great job to get a cross in. Robben has an open net at the far post but catches the ball on the half-volley and misses a key road goal.

7′ – Real Madrid’s full of enegry, with Angel Di Maria blocking a clearance from Manuel Neuer. If Bayern wanted to take the crowd out of the game, they have no hope to  do so now.

5′ – Penalty. Marcelo with a cross from deep on the left. It’s settled in the right of the area by Di Maria, who lets a shot go. It catches David Alaba’s left arm, extended under him as e drove to block the shot. Ronaldo steps to the spot … and easily converts into the right of goal. Terrible start for Alaba (who will miss the final, after being carded) but it could hardly be better for Real Madrid.

5′ – If there was any though Bayern would sit back and protect their lead, they’re not. They’d had no meaningful possession over the first minutes, but they’re pressing high.

4′ – Gustavo takes down Ozil and then picks up the ball, thinking he’d been whistled. He has, but for hand ball.

3′ – First real chance. Angel Di Maria beat his man to the line and cuts it back for Sami Khedira. From about 10 yards out, the midfielder fires it right at Neuer. That could have been a goal.

2′ – The first time either team feign an attack sees Ozil cut across the top of the box toward the arc. Gustavo dispossesses and Bayern clears. Real comes back, and Marcelo is taken down by Kroos.

1′ – First foul of the match sees Ronaldo taken down by Gustavo near the center line. Mario Gomez blocks the restart from Xabi Alonso but isn’t booked? First minute rules, I suppose.

0′ – Whistle blows, but you couldn’t hear it. We’re off. Real Madrid need a goal

[LIMBO] – Shots of José Mourinho guzzling water. Apparently a big story this week was him coming to terms with his grey hair. Note: I was wrong. Real will be right-to-left on your hypothetical screen.

[LIMBO] – Casillas and Lahm meet at the center line. Bayern looks set to go from right-to-left on your mental screen.

[LIMBO] – You’ve heard this before, but it never gets old: Love to see the shots of big names walking out hand-in-hand with little kids during the pre-game festivities.

[LIMBO] – Players are just now lining up in the tunnel. Bayern Munich have come out of their locker room and are in a line going up the tunnel’s stairs that lead away from the field. Small side note: Looks like I was wrong about the kit colors tonight, as Bayern is in red (Real in white). They’re coming onto the field now.

[LIMBO] – We’ve now entered that netherworld between advertised kickoff and real start. We’ll see the players coming out of the tunnel soon.

7′ – General reports from Twitter about the atmosphere outside the Bernabeu have been encouraging. Where we hear of some nastiness yesterday in Barcelona, tweeters have reported a more celebratory atmosphere in Madrid.

16′ – And if you’re curious, Juventus and Milan both won in Serie A action today. Juve stays undefeated (now tying a league record, 34 matches unbeaten to start a season) while leading the defending champions by three points with four to go.

-17′ – One prominent pre-game panel is spending these last minutes before Real Madrid-Bayern Munich talking about André Villas-Boas. Time to find a Spanish feed.

-21′ – Per pictures from Real Madrid’s locker room, it looks like Los Blancos will be Los Rojos tonight. Disappointing.

-25′ – And this also vis UEFA, though it’s relayed through @dermotmcorrigan: “UEFA coming up good with stats again: The sides have met in 4 European Cup semis – 3 Bayern wins (1976, 1987, 2001) 1 Madrid (2000).”

-25′ – More UEFA factoids: The least prolific Real passer last week? Mesüt Özil. I know, right? He completed only 15 passes.

-29′ – We’ve just been told that Real Madrid are a.) flying high, b.) full of confidence, and c.) know what they’re doing. Sounds like we ran out of things to say at about 2:15 p.m. ET.

-31′ – Four Real Madrid players walk a similar line: Alonso, Ramos, Coentrão and Higuaín.

-32′ – Bayern have a slew of players who will miss the final with a booking tonight: Lahm, Badstuber, Alaba, Boateng, Krros, Gustavo and Müller.

-36′ – Another factoid from UEFA: Bayern have won eight of their last 20 Champions League road games (in regulation).

-37′ – “The home supporters will be full of emotion and screaming their team on, which will play a part. If we’re playing well in the first 20 minutes, though, they will calm down and that has to be our aim. I feel we must score; I think we will.” – Bastian Schweisteiger

-39′ – Some numbers, via UEFA: Real Madrid is tied for the competition lead in goals (33) and have more shots (90) than any other semifinalist. They also have a 100% record at home this tournament.

-41′ – As was the case yesterday, there’s very little news in the buildup. No surprises in the lineup, and no wild speculation as to what these teams will do. After last week, everything seems to be … well, known.

-50′ – And the lineup for Bayern:

G – Manuel Neuer
LB – David Alaba
LCB – Holger Badstuber
RCB – Jerome Boateng
RB – Philipp Lahm (C)
CM – Bastian Schweinsteiger
CM – Luiz Gustavo
LW – Franck Ribéry
ACM – Toni Kroos
RW – Arjen Robben
ST – Mario Gomez

Subs: Butt, Rafinha, Contento, Pranjic, Tymoshchuk, Olic, Müller

It’s the same lineup as last wek, meaning Thomas Müller again startson the bench as Jupp Heynckes stays with Toni Kroos in the attacking midfielder’s role.

-57′ – We haven’t gone live yet, but the starting lineups have, so let’s get started with a home team that’s made one important change:

G – Iker Casillas (C)
LB – Marcelo
LCB – Sergio Ramos
RCM – Pepe
RB – Alvaro Arbeloa
CM – Xabi Alonso
CM – Sami Khedira
LW – Cristiano Ronaldo
ACM – Mesut Özil
RW – Ángel Di María
ST – Karim Benzema

Subs: Adán, Coentrão, Albiol, Kaká, Granero, Callejon, Higuaín

Marcelo is in, and the person who opened the door for the second Bayern goal last week (Fabio Coentrão) goes to the bench.

Coentrão is seen as the better defensive option, but this move shouldn’t be interpreted as coach José Mourinho doubting his contribution in the wake of Munich. After all, Coentrão not only played Saturday at Barcelona, he played very well. Instead, this is (as we talked about in the preview) a statement is intent from Real Madrid. At home, they average almost four goals per game, and Marcelo is a big part of that.

Last week was about surviving. This week is about winning.

More from this week’s Champions League:

Player ratings: Chelsea v. Liverpool

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Chelsea – Liverpool player ratings: This game ended up being a very straightforward win for the reigning Premier League champions.

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A red card to Andreas Christensen right on half time swung the game in Liverpool’s favor and two goals early in the second half from Sadio Mane sealed a comfortable win for Jurgen Klopp’s side. With big mistakes and star performance, the Chelsea – Liverpool player ratings are extremely mixed.

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Here’s a look Chelsea – Liverpool player ratings as Frank Lampard will be trying to keep things in perspective, while Liverpool and will be keen to keep building momentum.

Chelsea player ratings

Kepa: 3 – Wandering around early on and generally indecisive. Hesitant on the ball over the top which led to Christensen being sent off which forced the decision. Gave the second goal away with a poor mistake. He knows he will not be Chelsea’s goalkeeper with Edouard Mendy coming in soon.

Reece James: 6 – Wasn’t able to showcase his attacking talents from right back and Mane beat him to head home the first goal.

Andreas Christensen: 4 – He was actually playing pretty well until he was sent off right on half time. One long ball over the top set Mane free and Christensen hauled him down with Kepa dallying.

Kurt Zouma: 6 – Steady and tried his best to hold everything together at the back.

Marcos Alonso: 4 – He knows Chilwell is the first-choice left back, and he worked hard but was caught out on a one-two by Firmino and Salah for the first goal.

N’Golo Kante: 6 – One glorious chance to shoot when found in the box but looked for a pass. Struggled to shut Liverpool down.

Jorginho: 4 – A few loose passes, which is unlike him, and the captain struggled to hold down midfield. Missed a penalty kick too.

Mateo Kovacic: 7 – Plenty of mazy dribbles and was the one Chelsea midfield he looked to support the attack.

Mason Mount: 5 – Spent most of his time defending and wasn’t able to impact the game in a positive way.

Kai Havertz: 5 – Some lovely touches and oozes class on the ball, but not involved enough. Subbed off at half time.

Timo Werner: 7 – Always a threat and went close a couple of times in the first half. Caught offside too often. But that’s his game. Won a penalty kick in the second half and never stopped trying.

Fikayo Tomori (on for Havertz, 45′) 6 – Did his best to try and stop Liverpool’s juggernaut and made some decent blocks.
Ross Barkley (on for Jorginho, 79′) N/A
Tammy Abraham (on for Kovacic, 79′) N/A

Liverpool player ratings

Alisson: 7 – Hardly had anything to do throughout the entire game, then he saved a penalty kick superbly. Involved in the red card incident too with his claim and quick throw to turn defense into attack.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 7 – Always whipping in dangerous balls and a real outlet on the right. Off target with his set pieces.

Fabinho: 8 – Stood in superbly at center back for the injured duo of Joe Gomez and Joel Matip. Could he play at center back now that Thiago is around?

Virgil van Dijk: 7 – Did his job well enough and no uncharacteristic mistakes this week. Almost scored from a set piece situation.

Andy Robertson: 6 – Didn’t see much of him as an attacking threat but worked hard, as always.

Jordan Henderson: 7 – Led by example and a lovely ball over the top which led to Christensen’s red card. Subbed off at half time with a small issue.

Georginio Wijnaldum: 7 – Typically robust display in central midfield. Is he really going to be allowed to leave for Barcelona?

Naby Keita: 6 – Always wants to get on the ball but didn’t really happen for him with Kante and Jorginho around.

Mohamed Salah: 7 – Worked hard to conjure space for himself and teammates. Didn’t score but involved in the first goal.

Roberto Firmino: 7 – The Brazilian forward took a while to get into the game, but created the first goal with a lovely one-two and cross.

Sadio Mane: 9 – Great run to force Christensen to foul him and get sent off. Then headed home the opener in style and scored a second as he chased down Kepa’s pass. Incredible desire.

Thiago Alcantara (on for Henderson, 45′) 6 – Did okay on the ball but did give away a penalty kick on his Liverpool debut for a slight trip on Werner. Not ideal, but not disastrous. Showed his quality in possession.
James Milner (on for Keita, 64′) 6 – Solid as ever and helped Liverpool see out the win.
Takumi Minamino (on for Firmino, 86′) N/A

Leicester – Burnley: How to watch, start time, team news, prediction, odds

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Leicester – Burnley: Brendan Rodgers seeks to become just the 23rd manager to win 100 games in the Premier League, and becoming the fourth-fastest Brit to reach the mark, when Leicester City host Burnley at the King Power Stadium on Sunday (Watch live at 2 pm ET, on NBCSN and online via


Rodgers moved one step closer to his century of PL wins last weekend when the Foxes began their 2020-21 campaign with a 3-0 thrashing of newly promoted West Bromwich Albion. Burnley, on the other hand, are set for their season debut this weekend after their opening-day clash with Manchester United was rescheduled.

[ MORE: How to watch PL in the USA ]  

Here is everything you need to know ahead of Leicester – Burnley this Sunday with team news, odds, stream link and more.

Team news: Leicester – Burnley (INJURY REPORT)

Leicester will be missing three players Ricardo Pereira (knee), Jonny Evans (thigh), Filip Benkovic (groin) — with absolute certainty.

Meanwhile, Burnley doesn’t have Johann Berg Gudmundsson (knee) or Jack Cork (ankle).

What they’re saying: Leicester – Burnley

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, on transfer target Cengiz Under: “He’s a very, very good player. There have been negotiations with the club [Roma] and we’re hopeful there. We need a different kind of attacking player to help out at the top end of the pitch. It’s clear we have pace and power, but I feel we need more football in there.”

Burnley manager Sean Dyche, on the club’s desperate transfer approach: “ — [it] started back in the day of Charlie Austin, two days before the first game of the season. There are many different ways that clubs operate. It is very difficult, it is tricky, but it’s the reality of it. I’ve been here eight years. This is not new news. I’ve been saying this for three years at least, saying we’ve got to stretch, we’ve got to pre-plan. But you can only offer these opinions. I don’t sign the checks, I can assure you.”

Odds and ends (full odds provided by our partner, PointsBet)

Leicester (-165) are heavy betting favorites with Burnley (+460) widely expected to simply roll over and concede the three points up for grabs. Even the draw (+290) is though a bridge perhaps too far for the Clarets.

PointsBet is our Official Sports Betting Partner and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links

Prediction: Leicester – Burnley

Leicester managed to shake off the rust and disappointment that was the end of the 2019-20 season (just two wins from nine games during “Project Restart”) and win going away last weekend. On the other hand, Burnley finished with just two losses from their final nine games, and won four of them. We’ll see if either side is in the midst of a trend, or simply a blip on the radar. Leicester 2-1 Burnley.

How to watch Leicester – Burnley stream and start time

Kickoff: 2 pm ET Sunday
Online: Stream via Peacock

Liverpool too much for 10-man Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea – Liverpool: A first-half red card took much of the drama out of a much-anticipated meeting between new-look Chelsea and reigning champions Liverpool on Sunday at Stamford Bridge.

Andreas Christensen was sent off for a DOGSO tackle of Sadio Mane in the 45th minute and Sadio Mane scored twice in the early throes of the second half in a 2-0 Liverpool win.

[ MORE: How to watch PL in the USA ] 

Liverpool moves to 2-0 on the young season while Chelsea falls to 1-1.

Kepa Arrizabalaga made a silly error leading to the Reds second goal and will only increase the pressure on Chelsea to seal the arrival of a new goalkeeper (Eduoard Mendy is reported to be en route to London).

Chelsea next visits West Brom while Liverpool is home to Arsenal.

Notes from Chelsea – Liverpool

1. Christensen madness sucks life out of fixture (at least for neutrals): A terrific Jordan Henderson long ball sent Sadio Mane into a race for the ball with Kepa Arrizabalaga, but Christensen was worried about the Senegalese attacker and used a tackle better suited for the NFL games later Sunday. The Blues would play down a man for a half-minute and the entire second half and Lampard would need to withdraw Kai Havertz for Fikayo Tomori. There was little chance the already-shorthanded Blues would get anything done and it only took a few minutes to end the hopes of the game.

2. Werner nearly sours Thiago debut: Jurgen Klopp found it laughable when asked before the game whether Thiago Alcantara could start after arriving from Bayern Munich this week but he was fine to go 45 minutes in the new system. The steady, technical midfielder was as advertised in his Premier League debut until he gave away a penalty to Werner. Alisson, however, stopped Jorginho’s low penalty in the 75th minute and took away any hopes for a grandstand finish.

3. Kepa is a mess: Chelsea knows its need an upgrade at goalkeeper thanks to Kepa Arrizabalaga’s unsteady 2019-20 season, and the Spaniard made two terrible decisions on Sunday. The first was bailed out by Andreas Christensen on the goal line but the second wouldn’t be anything but a Liverpool goal as Arrizabalaga somehow lost track of Sadio Mane, who is pretty good, and passed the ball directly to him in front of goal. Eduoard Mendy is supposed to arrive any day and Arrizabalaga would’ve known this, so why not play Willy Caballero?

Man of the Match

Mane delivered the goals but Alisson Becker made some fine saves including the penalty stop on Jorginho

Chelsea – Liverpool recap

Timo Werner was active in the Liverpool third when the ball got there but the Reds had hold of possession early in the match.

Shaky play from Kepa Arrizabalaga nearly put Liverpool in front as Mohamed Salah beat the keeper to a loose ball and crossed for Roberto Firmino only to see Andreas Christensen block the in-tight effort for a corner.

N’Golo Kante and Werner both wasted promises chances in the first 20 minutes, the latter’s wayward touch allowing Fabinho to break up the play.

Mason Mount couldn’t reach a long ball from Marcos Alonso in the 23rd, Liverpool tested in its organization.

Werner drove to the arc to snap a shot toward Alisson that bounded wide of the Liverpool goal. He badly missed a chance to finish when an offside Kai Havertz slid the ball through the 18.

Christensen was initially given a yellow for tackling Sadio Mane in the 45th minute in what could’ve easily been a red card.

VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Lampard took Havertz off at the break in favor of Fikayo Tomori, while Jurgen Klopp responded by handing a debut to Thiago Alcantara in place of Henderson.

The Reds breakthrough took less than five minutes, Mane turning a header home after Salah slid Firmino into the right side of the box for a cutback.

Kepa handed the game to Mane on a platter with a terrible decision in the 54th. Goodnight, right?

Maybe not. Werner kept grinding and won a penalty off Thiago that withstood VAR review but not Alisson’s right paw. The Liverpool keeper waited out Jorginho’s slow run-up to keep this sheet clean.

Alisson then denied Tammy Abraham in the 84th minute, Chelsea still hoping to produce a miraculous comeback.

Van Dijk saw a late chance corralled by Arrizabalaga in the 87th.

3 things we learned: Chelsea v. Liverpool

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Chelsea – Liverpool wasn’t exactly the goal-fest we expected and in the end it was a very straightforward win for the reigning Premier League champions.

[ MORE: How to watch PL in the USA ]   

A red card to Andreas Christensen right on half time swung the game in Liverpool’s favor and two goals early in the second half from Sadio Mane sealed a comfortable win for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Here’s a look at what we learned from Chelsea – Liverpool as Frank Lampard will be trying to keep things in perspective, while Liverpool will be keen to keep building momentum.

Hunger of Sadio Mane underlines Liverpool ambition

The hunger with his runs, his passes and his finishing and his general desire to score goals and win games is incredible. Sadio Mane forced the red card which changed the game and scored twice early in the second half to kick Chelsea while they were down. Mane got my vote for the Football Writers’ Association player of the year in 2019-20 and the work he does often goes unnoticed. On his second goal, the way he reacted to giving the ball away epitomized him. He hunted down Kepa and intercepted a pass and slotted home into an empty net. Mane is often the least lauded forward out of Mohamed Salah, himself and Firmino. But his hunger in this game is replicated in most games. Liverpool fans appreciate Mane’s desire and the fact that fire is still burning bright proves how hungry this team are to win back-to-back titles.

Defensive Chelsea show Liverpool too much respect

We get it. Chelsea were without new signings Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell and Hakim Ziyech. Christian Pulisic is out injured. Goalkeeper Edouard Mendy isn’t officially a Chelsea. All of that led to an extremely defensive and tentative display from Lampard’s side. Kai Havertz struggled out wide once again, while the defensive issues remain for Chelsea as Kepa had a nightmare on the red card situation and for the second goal. Aside from individual errors, the setup from Chelsea was too defensive from the start. They tried to hit Liverpool on the counter with the pace of Timo Werner and it almost worked a few times in the first half but their usual attacking swagger was totally missing. With a host of new players to come into the lineup, plus the injured Christian Pulisic to return, Chelsea will be better in the coming weeks and months. However, the respect they showed reigning champions Liverpool here was too much and underlined just how far they have to go to become genuine title contenders.

Kepa knows his time is up; new boys will take time to gel

It is sad to see a player struggling so much with confidence but that is Kepa right now. The Spanish international goalkeeper is the most-expensive goalkeeper on the planet but his shaky displays continue and Senegal international Edouard Mendy is expected to join from Rennes in the coming days. Kepa played like he knew his time at Chelsea is up. He wandered around the penalty box early on, didn’t command his area and gave the second goal to Sadio Mane on a silver platter with a poor pass. Kepa has never settled at Chelsea and the best thing he could probably do for his career is move on as soon as possible. As for the other new boys, Havertz will take time, Werner looks more than okay and Ziyech, Chilwell and Thiago Silva will now all be expected to deliver right away. Often it doesn’t work like that and Liverpool’s lone new boy, Thiago Alcantara, gave away a penalty kick after coming on at half time for his debut. Adapting to a new team in a new league and in a new country isn’t easy, even for superstar talents. So often it takes much more time than most expect. That is not good news for Chelsea who have spent close to $275 million this summer on new talent.