Man City’s Yaya Toure hopes to finish at Barcelona


I’m wondering how this conversation might go between myself and the woman I’ve lived with for eight years:

“Sweetie, things are great and all. And I really love you. But there’s this drop-dead adorable barista at the coffee shop. And I think we really connect. So, if she comes knocking at the door, I’m pretty sure you’re in trouble … So anyway, honey-bunny, you want Asian take-out for dinner tonight?”

Similarly, I’m also wondering how it’s playing out inside the Manchester City locker room (er, “changing room,” as they call it abroad) with Yaya Toure? Just days after he scores one of the most important goals ever at City, he says this about his heartfelt desire to rekindle the Barcelona flame:

“It’s been the most important team for me and if they call you don’t think twice. I love Barcelona.”

Toure, 28, came to City from Barca in 2010 for about $35 million. He’s been everything they could have wanted around the Etihad Stadium. But he has a special relationship with Barca and with health-troubled defender Eric Abidal. So perhaps his radio interview with Spain’s RAC1 hardly rates as a shocker. Still …

In the press conference I did when I left I said I would return. In life you never know what will happen tomorrow. It’s been the team of my life and I would like to finish my sporting career here. If I could return, it would be great.”

The Ivorian international has two years remaining on his deal with City, which clinches its first league title in 44 years with a win Saturday over Queens Park Rangers.