File under not-at-all-surprising: Nicolas Anelka not loving life in China


Some people might see this as a glimpse of Didier Drogba’s future, but Nicolas Anelka has always been a special soul. He’s nicknamed “Le Sulk,” and while his reputation for sullenness has probably taken on a life of its own, it’s pretty safe to say he’s no Drogba. It’s hard to image him sitting down to record videos like these.

Anelka is more like the type of guy who would kick a gift horse in the mouth, which is one way of describing what’s going on at Shanghai Shenhua. You may recognize that club as the one linked to Didier Drogba. It’s also the team that made Anelka – essentially a role player at Chelsea – one of the world’s highest paid players. His reported €10.3 million annual salary puts him amongst the game’s elites.

That, apparently, isn’t enough for Anelka, who has said his Shanghai future will be “decided on what happens in the next few weeks.” Why? Anelka, who has been acting as player-coach for the last month, said “there is still no one to support me and (they) continue to play little tricks behind my back.”

Who knows what promises were made, but when you’re getting paid $13 million a season, you either overlook the little things or want out. And if you want out, you blow those little things out of proportion.

You can read more about Anelka’s situation here, where the last note of the piece is the giveaway. Serving as player-coach for only a month (and not brought in to assume both responsibilities), Anelka now claims it will be difficult for him to see a new coach brought in.