Klinsmann to trim U.S. roster, talk about choices today

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We are barely through digesting and discussing Jurgen Klinsmann’s 27-man selection – and now we have something new and improved to discuss.

It’s Klinsmann’s 23-man selection.

The U.S. national team boss told us all along it would happen this way.

He had always planned for a 27-29 man camp, which would be culled to a 23-man “roster” for the his five-game stretch, which he is treating and asking players to manage as a five-game tournament.

The “roster,” such that it is, will be written in pencil, not pen. So an injured player can be replaced without going through some official process. A switch-out is just a Klinsmann phone call away.

Otherwise, we can expect Klinsmann to stick with his 23 choices.

The coach will speak on these choices during a national media teleconference today at 2 p.m. ET.

We’ll speak on the “cuts” afterward.