Denmark’s Nicklas Bendtner kicks up latest underpants kerfuffle


We’ve just added to the short-but-sexy list of soccer-related underwear incidents and issues.

This subset of soccer player naughty behavior, more mischievous than menacing, is generally linked to Italians or David Beckham.

For instance, we had the Italian national team underwear brouhaha, where Dolce and Gabbana convinced members of the Italian National Team to strip to their teeny underpants in 2010 and pose mostly naked in the name of fashion ads.

Perhaps the genesis was Italian midfielder Gennaro Gattuso’s stunt after the 2006 World Cup final: He thought it would be fine photo-op of an idea to parade around the field in his little skivvies as a way to celebrate the Azzurri triumph in Berlin.

Earlier this year, David Beckham did his part to keep men and women interested in Super Bowl ads, getting underwear-naked in those H&M commercials.

Now comes Nicklas Bendtner, who has kicked up the latest underpants kerfuffle.

UEFA was not happy about the Danish forward’s choice to lift his shirt and lower his shorts to reveal the name of a betting firm across the top of his underwear. Bendtner did so after scoring in Wednesday’s 3-2 loss against Portugal.

So UEFA has charged Bendtner with improper conduct. European soccer’s governing body says its disciplinary panel will deal with the case Monday.

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