Fire victory, plus further petition for goal-line technology


Usually in soccer, when we see these goal-line mystery sequences where a ball “maybe did” or “maybe didn’t” cross the line between the sticks, we raise a hand of indignation and scream anew toward the powers that there must be movement toward goal-line technology!

Take note: when it happens in MLS, it’s important to aim that scream toward the correct “powers.”

Major League Soccer has long stated its desire to take a lead on chips or cameras or whatever would tell us definitively, scientifically and without the element of human error, whether or not balls cross the line between the posts. Handcuffed by FIFA’s notorious, molasses-slow progress on all this, there’s not much MLS can do.

Sunday at Toyota Park, things worked out OK in the end. A Chicago Fire goal that should have been awarded, but wasn’t, ultimately didn’t damage the game’s rightful result. The home team went on to beat the New York Red Bulls, 3-1, so verbal fists of fury need not fly over this one.

“I didn’t have the best angle,” to see the moment in question, Fire coach Frank Klopas told the NBC Sports Network crew following last night’s match. Apparently, the officials didn’t either.

Highlights from Sunday, along with Klopas’ comments:


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