Spin.com features U.S. man Clint Dempsey


The well-informed U.S. Soccer fan probably won’t learn much new about Clint Dempsey from the new feature on Deuce from Spin.com.

(Well, other than that the writer presumably hasn’t heard of Kasey Keller, Brad Friedel or Tim Howard, because he immediately drops the bit about this country never producing true “world-class talent” in the game. No worries, man. I’m sure I’ve written something about music that sent artistic industry insiders into a tuneful tizzy.)

But the picture is cool, and it’s always nice when someone as accomplished as Dempsey gains PR traction with a wider audience.

It’s a fairly quick read, mostly focusing on the somewhat dark place from whence Dempsey’s brooding energy emanates.

Besides, where else can you learn about Dempsey and Fiona Apple in the same few keystrokes? (Come to think of it, that’s a lot of semi-dark energy.)

(The photo is from the Spin.com feature)