Spectacular goal: Seattle’s Patrick Ianni does an “Ibrahimovic”

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The last few days in Major League Soccer has been chock full of highlight-maker goals the way a Payday Bar is chock full of nuts.

Seattle’s Patrick Ianni put his name on the list of wonders last night, nailing a twisting side volley that looked quite similar to the one Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic struck this week against Sweden in the ongoing UEFA European Championship – the one so many have already labeled “goal of the tournament.”

Generally speaking, when MLS announcers excitedly holler “Goal of the Year candidate!,” well, let’s just say we understand how folks get caught up in the moment. Some are, but quite a few are not.

But Ianni’s crackerjack last night against Kansas City absolutely is – a “Goal of the Year candidate,” that is.

See for yourself. (It was the equalizer in a 1-1 draw with Kansas City.)