ProSoccerTalk’s daily soccer re-set

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Soccer birthdays: Kieran Lee turns 24 today. Sorry, real slim pickin’s today. Would you rather Cédric Mongongou?

Ahead on the blog today*: The weekend ahead in MLS; the Under-17 team in Costa Rica; the Euros, obviously; anything else that catches our fancy

Big Important Story of the Day: Can Greece shock the world and stop the German run through the Euros? (And will the result of the game have any bearing on the future of Europe? Absolutely not? Okay then.)

What we should all watch on TV: Euro 2012 quarterfinal: Germany vs. Greece, 2:45 p.m., ESPN

RASNoD (Random American Soccer Name of the Day): Briana Scurry

Twitter daps: Infostrada has Euro facts: Ronaldo now has hit the woodwork 4 times. More than any of the other 15 countries at#euro2012. (Sweden 3, Netherlands 2).’s Zac Rigg has Euro jokes: Nani would have scored that if he had a playoff beard.

We’ll leave you with this: Are there four Euro quarterfinal days soccer’s finest showcase?