Hard times for Houston Dynamo defense, as Geoff Cameron transfer talk swirls


It’s hard to believe that all the swirling talk of Geoff Cameron’s possible move to Europe isn’t affecting his play and perhaps the entire Dynamo defensive effort. Because the last two matches haven’t looked anything like the Dynamo defense to which we’re all accustomed.

The latest reports have linked the rangy U.S. center back with Stoke City. So, we’ll see where that one goes.

Meanwhile, Houston has allowed seven goals in its last two matches. Seven! That has never happened to the Dynamo, which became the Dynamo in 2006.

Montreal beat up on Houston on Saturday, 4-2.

In fact, the last time the Dynamo gave up at least three goals in two consecutive contests: the first two matches in 2008. It happened only once before that to the Orange. So, clearly, this kind of sloppy work in the back is rare stuff for a Dominic Kinnear-coached side.