Highlights of a dandy: New York’s win over D.C. United

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The standings are rarely crystal clear in Major League Soccer, where the “games played” tab rarely lines up for all teams across the board.

So who’s in first in the East this morning?

Is it the Red Bulls, who have 30 points from 16 games, which means a superior points-per-game rate?

Or is it the men of D.C. United, who have 30 points from 17 games but also boast a superior goal difference?

Or, should we just not worry about it? Because in the end, they’ll all play 34 games and then we’ll really know. Until then, it’s all just bluster, anyway.

So why don’t we all just get along … and watch the highlights of a delightful match, one that had goals, ebb, flow, tactical twists and turns and one amazing subplot  – the guy who scored New York’s first two goals in a 3-2 win over D.C. United.



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