Current England boss hits back at former England boss

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I know I should be above this – but what can I say? Like last night’s over-helping of sea salt caramel gelato, it’s just too delicious to resist!

I’m speaking of the ongoing verbal fisticuffs over England and where the blame lies for the latest bit of un-greatness. I spoke of this earlier.

Here’s the latest: England manager Roy Hodgson has shown Fabio Capello the hand, dismissively waving off the former manager’s caustic comments about Wayne Rooney, labeling them “cheap.”

Capello is entitled to his opinions, I suppose. I don’t know what relationship he would have had with Wayne but I always think it’s a bit cheap to kid on a player who was so anxious to do well. If every player was a robot and played at the same level in every game then football would be a very simple game and we wouldn’t need coaches.”

Like I said, delicious. Still unbecoming and pretty unnecessary, but too hard to resist.

(Plus, it all begs the question: Should I continue to tag England stuff as “Euro 2012” on our internal tagging system? … Well, I suppose I’ll give that one a good “think” over lunch.)