Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas adds jersey sponsor


I know some people get all twisty-face and offended at the very thought of sponsored jerseys.

Personally, I don’t see the problem. I can’t see why anyone else would, either.

I know the first time a professional baseball team splashes a sponsor name across the front, all manner of fist-shaking indignation is bound to break loose in the name of unhinged tradition. Probably the same for NHL, NBA or NFL.

Well, I say “tradition-schmition.”  Who cares? Especially when it comes to professional soccer in the United States, a sports element unblessed with gold laced TV contracts, the kind that pour profits the way a fraternity kegger pours lite beer on a Saturday night.

I know MLS isn’t for everyone, and fair enough. But I simply cannot imagine that anybody chooses not to attend an MLS match because they are offended by sponsors on jersey fronts.

Personally, I support almost anything that pays the bills (important in a league where most teams still don’t turn a profit) and keeps ticket prices tame for paying fans.

That’s why the news today of FC Dallas joining the jersey-sponsored set is important news. The club made the announcement this afternoon.

In this case, AdvoCare’s partnership also assists the club in making up revenue from losing Pizza Hut this year as name sponsor for its Frisco stadium.