Wherein Thierry Henry defends teammate Rafa Marquez

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Earlier this week, New York Red Bulls manager Hans Backe defended Rafa Marquez, a favorite fan and media whipping boy, advising that the Mexican international had just played one of his best matches yet in MLS.

Now comes Thierry Henry, layering on similar praise.

Something that people didn’t mention after the game against D.C. [is that] when Rafa plays at the back, it’s another story. I know a lot of the guys (media) don’t like him too much, but watch the game.”

OK, fair enough. And the Red Bulls’ passing out of the back certainly does, in fact, reach another level.

But can we talk about United’s second goal, where Marquez kept Chris Pontius onside? Or, are we to believe that three fellow defenders got it wrong, while Marquez somehow had it all figured out?

Just asking.