Branko Boskovic, D.C. United agree to new contract

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Branko Boskovic clearly hasn’t been everything D.C. United had hoped. But lately …

Anyone who has watched his last few outings for the Black and Red knows the man clearly has something to add. It’s still a tricky mix for a couple of reasons. Mostly because his role has been off the bench in June, but also because the perfect arrangement of Dwayne De Rosario and Boskovic has yet to be pinpointed.

So you could argue that a Designated Player should never be an “off the bench” kinda guy; I would not disagree, unless perhaps we’re speaking of the newer “young DP” designation.

But what if Boskovic weren’t consuming a DP spot? Doesn’t that significantly shift the calculus? Especially considering that the Montenegrin midfielder still has an opportunity to further sharpen his touch and fitness, which would potentially allow him to influence matches as a starter?

That’s where D.C. United is this morning with the announcement that Boskovic, 32, has signed a new deal. His current agreement was set to expire, so United could have lost their playmaker very quickly without the new arrangement.

Again, the critical element here is the non-DP designation. That means United has just one currently on the roster, Hamdi Salihi.

And for your next question: The money for Boskovic and De Rosario are still in the “significant” stratosphere, even if they aren’t technically “DPs.” So, no, I don’t expect another big summer signing at RFK– not without some serious roster-management creativity, at least.