David Beckham catches a little Wimbledon; catches a little flak


I know some people are bent out of shape over David  Beckham’s choice to fire up the private jet to sit in the royal box and catch a little tennis in London on Sunday.  Me?


I agree that it doesn’t look great to have the face of MLS dashing about the globe with little regard for ongoing league action, especially under the circumstances. Beckham is suspended for being a brat, essentially, for kicking a ball at an official and a fallen opponent (wonderful accuracy, though, it must be said).

So while his team played a second match in four nights – a demanding haul – Beckham suited up in his Sunday best to go take in some action at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Sure, why wouldn’t he?

Beckham has proven again and again that Galaxy isn’t a tippy-top priority. He talks a big game, but Brand Beckham and all that implies is clearly paramount.  It is what it is.

But in this case, while it isn’t very flattering to MLS, he’s not damaging his team nor corrupting his own ability to perform in any meaningful way. The Galaxy will probably get Monday off and then get back to training on Tuesday or Wednesday. Their cover model midfielder will presumably join them.

The Galaxy next plays on Saturday in Portland.

Now, if Beckham isn’t back for that first training this week …