Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard clarifies Galaxy visit


I told you last week that I wasn’t filing chances of Frank Lampard joining the Galaxy under “realistic,” never mind that intriguing visit to an L.A. Galaxy match.

A man of high value who just helped his team capture Champions League, even at age 34, is probably not MLS material just yet. He’s no longer an automatic starting selection at Stamford Bridge, but Lampard remains a central figure for a European heavyweight.

Still, tongues were a’waggin last week, so Lampard attempted to set the record straight:

There’s nothing in that at all. I’m here in Los Angeles on holiday with [fiancee] Christine. We got engaged here last year and we love it over here. Steve [Kutner, his agent] is over here a lot on music and football business. He organized a box so we could go to see the Galaxy game.

“Becks was suspended for the match, so he came and sat with us and we had a good laugh – that’s all.”

Now, none of that means a move absolutely will not happen. Players say a lot of things, most of it true but hardly all of it. “Smokescreen” is a weapon in every player and club’s tool belt.

But here, I would say we can put this one to bed until a more concrete link emerges.

There will be more and better to talk about in the ongoing Silly Season, I promise.