Hope Solo denies failing the drug test she failed


Hope Solo (possibly via her people) took to her various social media platforms to drop some knowledge on us regarding her allegedly failed drug test.

As you may recall, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) issued Solo a warning after she tested positive for Canrenone, which is often used as a diuretic. This wasn’t HGH or anabolic steroids. Solo complied with the agency, ceased using it, and it’s all good.

But it was still a positive test, no matter how Solo wants to spin it. From her Facebook:


She also circulated the message on Twitter.

The positive test is no big deal. At first, I thought it was, but then I read up on how USADA handles these things, was fairly convinced Solo was not receiving any special treatment, and decided to move on.

However, if Solo’s trying to say this wasn’t a positive test, that’s just wrong. Here’s the first line of USADA’s statement:

USADA announced today that Hope Solo of Seattle, Washington, an athlete in the sport of soccer, has tested positive for a prohibited substance found in her medication and has accepted a public warning for her rule violation.

She’s not Ben Johnson or Marion Jones, but she’s definitely Hope Solo of Seattle, Washington. She was still taking something she shouldn’t. That’s why the test picked it up. That’s why she’s stopped. That’s why other athletes aren’t allowed to consciously use Canrenone. It will help control your weight.

Hope Solo failed a drug test. Deal with it, but not too harshly. It’s really not a big deal (unless she wants it to be).