Crimes and misdemeanors: Kelyn Rowe gets the first retroactive suspension of the week


Normally, I’m one of the MLS Disciplinary Committee’s biggest supporters. I love the concept. I love the process, implementation, and results. And, even in this moment of indecisiveness, I’m not entirely convinced they’re wrong.

But on this Kelyn Rowe “challenge” on Ryan Meara, the committee has come down with a one-match suspension and the obligatory charitable donations:

I don’t think Rowe meant anything like that, but in the 87th minute of a decided game, he got a little lazy. That’s why I’m a little conflicted about the decision.

At the same time, if Major League Soccer’s message to the league is “you can’t be lax when you’re going in for a challenge on a laid out `keeper,” I’m fine with it. It’s not a bad message to send, and if Rowe’s suspension hammers that point home, it’s probably a net-plus for the league in the longer run …

Even if it seems a bit unfair to Rowe.