Darren Mattocks obliterated the ‘what if the best athletes played soccer’ meme


Every so often, we soccer fans will be minding our own business, happily debating the latest transfer rumor (Clint Dempsey to Liverpool and Everton), when someone in the media gets the bright idea that we’d win the World Cup if only the best athletes in America played soccer.

It’s such an absurd argument I don’t even want to point out the multiple fallacies, but that’s not the point here. The point is Darren Mattocks jumped all over that storyline last night.

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen it: A lazy cross comes in, the Vancouver Whitecaps forward elevates over defender Logan Emory, outjumps the right fist(!) of goalkeeper Milos Kocic, and heads the ball into the net.

It’s absurdly, ridiculously, unfathomably athletic. Steve went with “Jordan-esque, no exaggeration.” And, no exaggeration, he’s absolutely correct. On the Moments that Display Feats of Athleticism pantheon, Mattocks’ leap is top shelf.

The next time someone starts talking about LeBron playing soccer, just point them this way.

(Is it time to wonder how good we’d be at basketball if the country’s best athlete’s played the sport? No, we’re better than that. But it’s still fun to write.)

I know we had it up earlier, but I’m posting the video again. If any highlight deserves to be seen twice, it’s this one.