Liverpool FC joins the mascot fraternity; Meet “Mighty Red”


It’s been a mixed week for mascots in England.

At Liverpool, the famed Anfield outfit has just debuted its first mascot. It’s a bird-type thingy, of course – blessed with a creepy grin. You see it there on the right.

As you might expect, not all the Liverpool faithful are happy their beloved Reds have joined the mascot set. But as the one of the local newspapers notes, slippery slope that it is, clubs’ embrace of the cuddly and furry is all about appealing to children.

“And if Mighty Red can, over time, help lower the age of Liverpool’s fanbase and attract a new generation of supporters, then that can only be a good thing,” says the paper.

Either way, let’s hope things work out better for Mighty Red than they did for this mascot from Leeds. (OK, this one is from rugby, but still …)