ProSoccerTalk daily soccer re-set

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Birthdays of Note: Guillermo Ochoa turns 26 today. The Mexican goalkeeper, who’s staying at Ajaccio, has had his fair share of run-ins with the United States squad over the years, but we wish Memo the best regardless.

Big Important Story of the Day: Can we get a little transfer talk? Who has something heading into the weekend? Anyone? Anyone? Yorks? Motzkin? Bueller?

Real Big Important Story of the Day: It’s Friday. Get out of the office early and start the weekend.

RASNoD (Random American Soccer Name of the Day): Alejandro Guido

Twitter daps: The New York Cosmos are back, baby.











PST Background noise while blogging today: “Honky Tonk Blues,” for Steve in Texas.

We’ll leave you with this: Darren Mattocks. Still. A. Boss.