Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry no fan of artificial turf


The New York Red Bulls meet Seattle tomorrow night in one of the weekend’s top matches. Will Thierry Henry be on the field? It’s on grass, so the chances are much higher.

What the high-scoring Frenchman said this week about playing on artificial surfaces:

That is the worst thing for any athlete, playing on turf. I mean no disrespect to the guys playing in the NFL and all of that. They are on the field for one, two seconds sometimes for a play. We run for one-and-a-half hours. That’s not an easy one.”

Henry wasn’t on the field last week as the Red Bulls offense went more or less on holiday in a loss at New England, where the Revolution plays on artificial turf.

David Beckham has also been outspoken about his distaste for playing on the faux grass.

Four Major League Soccer clubs, including all three in the rainy Pacific Northwest, play their home games on artificial turf.