“That’s not a goal. This is a goal.” — The Thierry Henry edition


Mr. Henry — that’s “Monsieur” Henry to you, kid — did that thing he does so well Wednesday afternoon in the beautiful sauna that is Red Bull Arena.

The striker ripped a right-footed shot from the left side of the field that dinged off the far post and bounced into the goal. Then, he celebrated by brushing the dirt (possibly the sweat) off his shoulders. Great stuff.

But, was it one of his best ever? Not even close. Check out the top 10 below. We were going to say something snooty like “We really think No. 5 is better than No. 1,” but we’d be lying. No. 1 is awesome.

(If you’d like to spend even more time watching some brilliance, here’s Henry’s Top 25. YouTube is the greatest.)

Massive h/t to our favorite Reuters correspondent Simon Evans, from whom we shamelessly borrowed the idea for this post.