Highlights and context: A motivated Beckham scores again


David Beckham is clearly a motivated man these days. Ever since news came out that he would not be a Team Great Britain member at this year’s Summer Games, the former England international has been on a serious tear, as if he has a point to prove.

And it’s a goal-scoring tear, which isn’t really his thing. Beckham, of course, is a set-up artist and restart taker extraordinaire, but he’s never been a goal-scorer per se. With 13 goals in his first 87 MLS games, the Galaxy midfielder was scoring about once every 6.5 games.

Well, he has four goals in the Galaxy’s last three games.

  • The former England captain was responsible for one of L.A.’s goals in a June 30 loss at Western Conference-leading San Jose.
  • Beckham struck two absolute beauties in a 5-3 win over the weekend at Portland.
  • Last night in Vancouver, Beckham’s deflected shot started a late, two-goal rally on the road, as the Galaxy split the points in a 2-2 tie at B.C. Place.

Here are highlights from last night’s match in Vancouver, as the Galaxy improved their hold on fifth place, the Western Conference final playoff spot.