Ahead of her new autobiography, U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo shares her thoughts

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We know some of the details of Hope Solo’s deeply layered backstory – but we have never covered the ground extensively on the sensational U.S. women’s goalkeeper.

The details have slipped out in drips, in feature articles across the United States. But Solo has kept some for herself – until now, she says.

Her upcoming autobiography, “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” will be available in bookstores on Aug. 14.

A series of excerpts are now available on NBCOlympics.com.

So, why now? Why share all this at all. Here’s what Solo says in the first of  a series of linked exceprts.

I am a really private person in terms of my social life away from the game, my romantic life, all of that I keep very under the wraps. But at the same time, people write stories about my life, people know about my homeless father, people know that my mother used to be an alcoholic. But they don’t know the real story. They say it in their way. There’s been articles in the LA Times, USA Today, all over the place about my homeless father. But nobody really knows the entire story. So that is something I’m not ashamed about. But, I will continue to be private in my interests outside of soccer.