Switzerland soccer player sent home after calling South Koreans ‘retards’


If we hadn’t had enough fun with Twitter for one day, the men’s Olympic soccer tournament is here to oblige with another sigh-inducing incident. Michel Morganella, unknown to most of the world, gets his few moments of global fame after Switzerland sent him home for one of the worst tweets ever posted to a professional athlete’s account.

Granted, I’m no expert in athlete behavior on social media (hopefully nobody is), but when you lose to the Republic of Korea and take to your handle to say “I want to beat up all South Koreans” labeling them a bunch “of mentally handicapped retards”, it doesn’t get much worse.

The 23-year-old Palermo player has since committed Twitter seppuku, presumably right before he started walking back to Switzerland. He’s been kicked off the team ahead of the Swiss’ meeting with Mexico, but if he waited around for that judgment to come down, he’s dumber in real life than he was Twitter account. There’s no way any nation’s going to let a player stay after that embarrassment. Not even Switzerland can stay neutral on something like this.

While it’s not quite as amazing as the tweet itself, I’m shocked the tweet was up for as long as it was. Check out the picture linked above. Thirteen hours after the original tweet, Morganella returned to Twitter not to delete the tweet but to thank people for all their messages.

Congratulations, Palermo. He’s your problem, now.