Three England teams eyeing D.C. United’s Andy Najar


When Andy Najar made such a grand entrance into MLS three seasons back, even at such a young age, we all immediately got the feeling that Major League Soccer was just stopover. The guy had “Europe” written all over him.

That day gets closer and closer for the 19-year-old D.C. United midfielder. For those who prefer to see him stick around a while longer, Honduras’ breakout Olympic run isn’t helping a bit.

Sky Sports says Wigan, Norwich and West Brom in England are all on the case, studying Najar closely during Honduras’ successful assault on group play in the UK. The Hondurans opened with a draw against Morocco and then manufactured the shock of the Olympic Tournament so far by eliminating Spain in a 1-0 upset. A draw with Japan in their group stage closer became a warm-up for one of the country’s biggest internationals ever, an Olympic quarterfinal against Brazil.

The transfer window has come and gone for players moving into Major League Soccer. (Players out of contract could still join.) But the window remains open for most European leagues through the end of August.

The Washington Post’s Steven Goff has more to say about it here.