Highlights: Yikes! Real Madrid undresses L.A. Galaxy defense


If you haven’t eaten lunch, perhaps you mark this video for later viewing. Because watching the Galaxy defense sliced and diced with such ruthless effectiveness may be an appetite suppressant.

Or, I suppose, for the non-Galaxy fans, watching the MLS champs get carved up like so much grass fed Angus might just bring out the ravenous hungry man in you. In that case, watch on …

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Because the mighty men of Real Madrid dropped some serious La Liga goods on the Home Depot Center tenants. Final score, 5-1. Who knows  how much misery Jose Mourinho’s men could have heaped onto the Galaxy if they had a little more prep time going into this one; this was the first preseason friendly for Cristiano Ronaldo and Co.

Of course, it’s a meaningless friendly.

Then again, first goal: 90 seconds in. Yep.