Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho has David Beckham’s back


There are some who believe Team Great Britain manager Stuart Pearce has already accomplished enough in the Summer Games to vindicate his controversial selections.

OK, that’s not exactly accurate. We’re talking about the one controversial choice, of course, the notorious Beckham snub, which rang the bell of sporting injustice and indignation throughout England.

You may be in the camp that says Beckham should be in the TGB shirt, period. Exclamation point. Card-carrying members of that brigade could watch Pearce’s side claim Olympic gold while playing with 10 men and never allowing a ball into their own penalty area, all the while banging on about how Beckham should have been part of the team!

If so, you are in fine company. Because The Special One himself has your 6.

Here’s what Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho had to say last night (following his team’s 5-1 win over the Galaxy) about Pearce’s brazen Beckham banishment:

For me, David Beckham is a great player, a great person, he has demonstrated his quality in all the places he has gone, one of the best professionals in soccer. I don’t know how it is that he’s not in the Olympics representing his country. For me, he is more than an image and had to be on the Olympic team.”