Chevrolet’s giving Manchester United more money than originally thought


Earlier this week we linked to a report of Manchester United’s new shirt deal with Chevrolet, one which was reported as being worth around $39 million annually. Well, scratch that. It’s worth a lot more, with yesterday’s reports saying the deal is worth over $80 million per season.

Eighty million. Thirty-nine million. Somewhat different. Somewhat huge. No wonder General Motors fired their chief of global marketing over the deal.

It’s all off-the-field stuff that’s uncertain to impact anything we should care about, though that’s not the view of the Manchester United faithful. When a Red Devils’ supporter sees that kind of intake, they logically ask “that’s got to impact the transfer budget, right?”

Not necessarily. The Glazers have that mountain of debt to pay off, so while Manchester United fans may want their team to spend like Real Madrid, Barcelona … Manchester City … they’re just going to have to settle for a team that can buy Shinji Kagawa, Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, and David de Gea in a two-year span. Oh, the poverty.

The debt the Glazers incurred is probably affecting the club’s on-field product, but every club is influenced by their finances, for better or worse. Given the team finished even atop the English Premier League, this is a rich-wanting-to-get-richer scenario. United’s had plenty of success under the Glazer family, and no fans is entitled to a team that spends ridiculous amounts of money.

With their team winning 12 league titles and two Champions Leagues since the Premier League started 20 years ago, it’s hard to listen to disgruntled United fans. Especially when their club is signing half-a-billion dollar shirt sponsorship deals.