Beckham: “…an AYSO ref is better than that today”


Referee Chris Penso had a tough night in Seattle, where the Galaxy was a poor version of itself in a 4-0 loss to Seattle.

Right away, he missed opportunities to call fouls and create a safer environment for players, one better suited for quality, skillful soccer.  But we’ve visited about that before, so I won’t say too much.

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Rather, I’ll let David Beckham take over. He let Penso have it over a 15th minute judgment where the man in the middle definitely got it wrong. The Galaxy’s A.J. DeLaGarza broke in alone but was sliced down from behind by Seattle left back Leo Gonzalez. It was an easy penalty kick call, and probably a yellow card too.

Except that it wasn’t. Mr. Beckham, what say you?

I probably shouldn’t say too much but I’ll tell you now an AYSO ref is better than that today.  It is quite remarkable. Is it why we lost the game? No.  But we definitely would have got back in the game and turned the crowd quiet.  Would it have gotten us back into the game? Definitely; but we didn’t play well today and Seattle played a lot better.  Big calls like that—it’s a big call in a game like this.  It’s disappointing.”

Here is the play in question. You be the judge: