Video: Megan Rapinoe teaches me, us something about Redding, Calif.

megan rapinoe

Before seeing this video, the only impression I had of Redding, Calif. was a negative one.

Two years ago, while driving north on Interstate 5 through the Shasta, I was faced with a night there after being confronted with a snowed-over pass through the mountains. Having woken up at 4 a.m. to make the (at best) 16-hour trip from San Diego to Portland, I was irate. Oblivious to how weather works (or, how an overloaded SUV travelling on ice doesn’t work), I blamed Redding. Why don’t you just let me through?

I spent 15 minutes meditating at a truck stop before turning tail and heading back to Sacramento (160 miles to the south). Aside from a bunch of travelers waiting for snow to melt, Redding didn’t seem to have much. Not that I was in any mood to look.

According to Megan Rapinoe, who goes back to the small northern California city (population just over 90,000) in one of U.S. Soccer’s latest YouTube offerings, Redding is more than inclement weather and gravel-laced truck stops. It has a school an intense handball ethic and some pretty high physical education standards. It also has a principle that remembers Megan’s “attitude”.

This is one of two Rapinoe-Redding videos U.S. Soccer has added to their YouTube channel (here’s the other), the latest offering from a team that continues to be the most engaging in U.S. sport.