Thursday’s US-Japan Olympic final headed to sellout


Looks like Thursday’s Olympic women’s final in soccer will be played in front of a full stadium.

And what a stadium it is: famed Wembley Stadium, where the United States will meet Japan in a do-over of the 2011 Women’s World Cup final in Germany.

FIFA says 5,000 tickets have been sold today (as “today” is pretty much over in London, that’s probably about the cap on it). Total sales so far according to FIFA’s Twitter feed are now 83,000. Capacity for soccer is about 90,000.


The 1966 World Cup final sits at the top of a long list of historic events inside the ground, which was remodeled and reopened in 2007. It remains home to England’s national side as well as the FA Cup Final and semifinals, The Football League Cup Final, The FA Community Shield, The Football League playoffs and more.