Suggested t-shirt design: “Real Madrid Over America 2012 – Taking no prisoners!”

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Somebody help me out here. How do you say “Open a can of it!” en Espanol?

Perhaps last week’s previously dissected Real Madrid result at the Home Depot Center needs a re-think.

You remember: when Cristiano Ronaldo and pals picked apart the L.A. Galaxy defense like a big ball of soft SoCal cotton candy? We marveled, and rightly so, at the speed, skill and artsy precision of Real Madrid’s attack, while also wondering if the splotchy Galaxy defense didn’t contribute to the splashy scoreline.

(Getting shellacked 5-1 is one thing, but when said “shellacking” happens on your home turf, it will invariably ups the factor of alarm.)

But perhaps the Galaxy defense wasn’t such a factor after all.

For along came another friendly on Wednesday to provide context. And “context” in this case came in a follow-up 5-1 scoreline. This time, AC Milan was on the business end of the Spanish gale force winds. Let’s not forget, AC Milan typically works in defense the way Leonardo da Vinci worked in brushes and paints.

Allow New York Times columnist George Vecsey to do some painting of his own, outlining and coloring in a picture of Real Madrid dominance before 49,000-plus at refitted Yankees Stadium. Said Vecsey:

Real held possession for 63 percent of the match; Milan’s percentage must have included the time spent retrieving the ball from the back of the net five times in a defeat that left [AC Milan] coach Massimiliano Allegri conceding the current disparity in budget and skill between the squads.”