Highlights: Chris Rolfe hits two – and makes me go “Hmmm”


I keep wondering if we’ll be talking about this guy sooner or later when the arguing, fussin’ and fightin’ turns again to U.S. national team selections. Because Chris Rolfe can be a sizable influence when he settles into a position and stays healthy.

He’s getting there now with the Chicago Fire. Frank Klopas’ team just took three big points out of Philadelphia, strengthening their current hold on a playoff spot.

Rolfe’s two goals were a big boost in Chicago’s PPL Park smash-and-grab. He has four goals in 10 matches now for Chicago since getting back to full health. Here are his two strikes and the rest of the highlights from Chicago’s 3-1 win Sunday.

(Warning: If schoolboy marking and even worse goalkeeping gives you the heebie-jeebies, you had best not watch.)