Video: The worst penalty kick in the world?


“For some, this is the worst penalty kick in the world”.

I saw the headline on Chilean site El Gráfico and expected to see something amazing from this weekend’s Primera action (where league-leading Rangers is probably now better than their more famous Scottish namesake). Instead, the outlet was highlighting a kick from the Austrian Bundesliga, one taken by Red Bull Salzburg’s Jonathan Soriano.

In Spanish, the headline read Para algunos este es el peor penal del mundo. That’s a pretty bold statement. What could the worst kick in the world possibly look like? Did Soriano fall in the run up? Trip over himself? Perhaps miss the ball entirely?

That’s what I was prepared for. I certainly never imagined this:

Silver lining: Soriano may have just secured a post-soccer career in the National Football League.

The score would have pulled Red Bull within one with 10 minutes left. Instead, Rapid Wien went on to a 2-0 win in Salzburg, leaving the two clubs as part of the four-way tie for first (with Austria Wien and Ried, each team 3-1-0 through four rounds).