Hope Solo revealing in morning interview on NBC’s Today


No matter what you think of Hope Solo, say this for the mercurial U.S. goalkeeper: she’s candid and refuses to hide from who she is.

A morning interview on NBC’s Today was about as revealing as a five-minute sit-down can be. They quickly covered a variety of topics, including …

  • The process of writing the book along with her co-author felt like daily counseling sessions, she admitted. “But I’m happy and I’m proud of it. It is my life and I don’t shy away from my life. … But it was a hard process to go through.”
  • Solo discussed this morning the section of her new book where she admits to being an embarrassed teenager, self-conscious about her father’s homelessness, her mother’s alcoholism and her brother’s troubles with the law.
  • She doesn’t regret the recent Twitter fight with TV announcer Brandi Chastain: “No. I am who I am and I’m proud of that.”
  • She didn’t really answer a direct question about whether she courts controversy and drama, but did allow this: “Did you see our win against Canada? I think the U.S. team likes drama.”
  • Finally, she hinted that the 2012 Olympics may be her last. She will be 35 during the next Summer Games.

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The interview is here:


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