Manchester United “super” favorites now with huge Robin van Persie addition


A week ago Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini stamped crosstown rivals Manchester United as favorites to reclaim the English Premiership title.

Well, make that “Favourites.” You know how they are with their fancy, superfluous vowels.

So I suppose Robin van Persie’s signing makes Man United super-favorites or somesuch.

Yes, for sure, and I was serious when I said this last week because United have played for the title always, every year for 20 years. Although we won the last championship, we can’t change this in one year.

“For this reason, I think they are favorites for the title, and now they have van Persie;  he is a really top player, the best striker last year. With Wayne Rooney, they will have one of the best couple of strikers in the Premier League.”

There are certainly politics in play here as Mancini studies the summer signing disparity; City’s manager has bemoaned a lack of aggressiveness within his own organization during the transfer window, which remains open for just over another week. City’s only significant summer signing is Jack Rodwell, the 21-year-old emerging England international.

Rodwell is a good, young player – but he is certainly no van Persie.